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2 definitions by Elizabeth Anne

noun; a very cute person (ideally a teenager) who is obsessed with the way they look while somehow still managing to be alternative. They will talk extensively about bands they like, and get very agitated about being mistaken for emo kids; also called "alternative preppy," the scene kid look is often based around one of several themes, mostly involving animals or mystical figures; these are dinosaurs, zebras, kittens, ninjas, fairies, and others as well.
"Ohhh, what a kyuuuuute BELT! You're such a pretty scene kid today!"
by Elizabeth Anne December 28, 2005
a sad teenager who is caught up in the depressing parts of life and cannot deal with their problems; someone who listens to sad love songs and cries a lot and obsesses about love and the lack thereof; the look: to get the emo kid look, just dye your hair black or red or black AND red, make sure your hair covers one eye, wear wristbands to hide your cuts, and otherwise dress like the opposite sex.
Cheer up emo kid! Stupid emo kid! Sad emo kids. Crying emo girl...
by Elizabeth Anne December 28, 2005