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After a man ejects his sperm his member remains at its full length and girth but not quite of full on status.
After I blew my load on her, I proceeded to slap her across the face with a big regular.
by El W4yneO July 03, 2009
When a girl pulls out your cock and sucks it for just a few seconds, stops and puts it away before you can even get hard or enjoy it in the least.
Man, Samantha and I were getting all hot and heavy last night when out of no where she has a pecker snack. I was pissed to say the least.

She pulled that Pecker Snack bullshit before I could even slap here with a BIG REGULAR, Fuck that!

See "Big regular"
by El W4yneO August 02, 2009
When a girl gives you permission to enter her anally while spooning and she puts it in for you. You have to make sure its in her ass before u cum to insure you do not get her pregnant.
1. "Yo I heard you gave it to Melissa in the ass last night! You better have done the Research, That bitch stays trying to get pregnant and trap guys into a relationship with her."

2. "After I did the Research I slam fucked her brown eye!"
by El W4yneO September 20, 2009
A Cock Scarf is most easily described as someone you can't get rid of, basicallly someone who is always trying to be around you as if they are attempting to keep your cock warm as a scarf would.
1. "holy shit, Chris keeps calling me man, I told him I'm trying to lay low tonight, what a Cock Scarf!"

2. "Claire is such a dumb bitch man, she thinks she has to be around me 24/7, its like he' trying to keep my cock warm like a regular Cock Scarf!"
by el w4yneo February 06, 2010

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