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A retard who thinks he's tough. They tend to wear baggy pants that make them look like they shut themselves and t-shirts so long that they double as nightgowns. They tend to try and carry weapons because they can't fight and are also incredible pussies when they are alone. When fighting, they always make sure that they're other gangstas present so they don't get their asses completely handed to them. when alone, they try and walk like they're tough, but when approached, will deny any gang affiliation. They try and act tough, but everyone knows they are just the ghetto version of emo.
guy 1: Nigga, do you know where I am from?! The hood homie! yeah yeah what now?!
Guy 2: (throws a punch) Being from "da hood" doesn't make you any less of a pussy bitch that are.
guy 1: I have learned the error of my ways! I now see acting gangsta is completely retarded!
by El Douche bag-o April 15, 2010
a term used to describe modern day hippies and hippie movement revivalists.
hippie: Hey earth brah, wanna sign my petition to legalize marijuana?
guy 1: I'll sign, but only cuz I like my weed. Now go take a shower, you stank-ass granola fucker!!
by El Douche bag-o July 04, 2010
1: Someone who is used for another's purpose
2:A cocky asshole who doesn't realize how much of a dick he/she is. Tools tend to over gel their hair (it looks like they just snapped into a slim jim), where overly tight polo shirts/oxfords, and over-tan until they are as orange as an oompa loompa. The males of the tool species also tend to go to the gym just so they can talk about going to the gym. The opposite of a tool is a douche bag.
1: Tsk, tsk, it looks like becky found a new tool for herself.
2: holy shit! that oompa loompa musta just snapped into a slim jim! oh wait, its just one of those tools from the jersey shore.
by El Douche bag-o February 22, 2010
body heat, usually used to describe incredible amounts of body heat, like BO is used to describe an incredible amount of body odor. When people have BH, they tend to leave warm spots and sometimes get the same reaction as those who have large amounts of BO. They also tend to radiate heat and can make people uncomfortable.
Girl: ewwww!!! this seat is already really warm!
Guy: The person sitting there before had a lot of BH.
Girl: It feels awkward, yet comforting.
by El Douche bag-o May 01, 2010
the gay brother of mario from the super mario series. luigi tends to have his ass handed to him.
luigi: Itsa me! luigi!
Guy: no one cares!
by El Douche bag-o February 20, 2010

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