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2 definitions by Eisen Feuer

The act of pleasuring oneself via the acquisition of a number in gaming, usually experience points or a level. Derived from the root terms 'the grind' (meaning job or repetitive process) and 'fap'
"Where was Jim at last night's LAN? Didn't he say he'd play CounterStrike with us?"

"No man, he was at home grindfapping to World of Warcraft"
by Eisen Feuer July 21, 2008
An androgynous person or fictional character (human or other being) whom the outer appearance, voice and mannerisms conflict with gender-specific norms. Usually applied in reference to male anime characters who look and even sound like females. Slippy is a reference to the androgynous character Slippy in StarFox, whose gender to this day remains unknown.
Person 1 - "Ok I'm confused. Is that a chick or a dude? I don't know whether to be attracted or ashamed of myself."

Person 2 - "I have no idea, lets call it a slippy until we find out for sure on Wikipedia."
by Eisen Feuer September 18, 2009