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Esther lives in the preserve of Massapequa/Massapequa Park, where her story originated during the era of the Native Americans. Little is known about where she came from or how, but she was a popular legend told among the Marsapeague tribe - the tale of a strange creature, half girl and half animal, who could occasionally be seen roaming around the woods and on the outskirts of Indian villages.

Esther was said to have no lips, no hair (completely bald), and hop around on bare feet, eating insects, and sometimes small animals (such as frogs, squirrles, birds). She is not known to be a violent creature, and where she lacks malice, she makes up for in curiosity. In recent times, she has been spotted watching people on the bike trail (dog walkers, teenagers, etc.) through the bushes or branches of the preserve.

Esther rarely speaks, let alone full on sentences, but there are accounts of Esther muttering her own name. She is also known to say words such as: Urs, Nence, Ern, and Bunt, the meanings unknown.
We were drinking at the preserve last night and we started hearing weird noises, I think it was that weird Esther bitch.
by Egg WhiteBa September 04, 2009
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