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Filipinos are a froud peoples pram da Pillippine Islands.
Day lub to eat rice wit ebryting. You can useually see about tree big bags ob rice in der shopping carts at da commissary. Some popular Filipino poods are adobo, pancit, lichon, loompya, bagoon, and alamang, just to name a pew.

Day are a bery sociable people and lub to hab farties. Many Americans lub to attend a Filipino farty because day know how to hab pun, i.e., day sing karaoke, lap out loud, and drink San Miguel beer wit der baloot.

Many Flipinos hab beautupul houses. Day all hab pianos, eben ip no one really knows how to play it. Day like to decorate der houses wit Capodimonte and total grupings prum Home Interiors. You can also pined big wooden spoons and porks in der dining rooms along wit a big pikture ob da last supper.

Most Filipinos are upper middle class. Day know how to budget der money and make lots ob sacripices like staying in da Naby por 20 years so day can get a retirement.

Da paborit automobile ob da Filipinos is da Mercedes, Lexus, and Honda Accords.
by Eeda March 18, 2007

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