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3 definitions by EdomiteSlayer

Ancient race of people from the Bible, idiotically said to be the white race by jiggajew Hebrew Israelite ex-con fucktards trying to niggrify the Bible and make themselves feel better about being niggras an all.
Fuck dem Edomites mang, most high gonna destroy dey ass! Now where my welfare check?
by EdomiteSlayer October 31, 2010
Guy from the Bible that dumb niggas got a hard-on for. Nation of Islam niggas say he was a nigga, Hebrew Israelite niggas say he was a cracka - either way they are both still niggas.
Hebrew Israelite nigga: "Fuck Esau mang!"
Nation of Islam nigga: "Fuck yo momma nigga!"
by EdomiteSlayer October 31, 2010
Extremely dumb nigga who believes Jesus was actually a thug from "de ghetto" who is coming back in a souped-up spaceship to exterminate crackas.
normal person 1 - "who is that nutter in the dress shouting racism at the tree?"
normal person 2 - "oh, that's one of those Hebrew Israelite lunatics, what a wanker!"
by EdomiteSlayer October 31, 2010