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a young white male usually 16-25 with the following traits...

threads: ralph lauren polos, button down shirts, solid colored tees (usually containing the "polo" logo), affliction or ed hardy tees (or any graphic tee of this sort),v-necks, jeans (usually flipped up at the bottom), khaki pants or shorts, sperrys, chucks, polo shoes, flip flops (usually reefs), or any type of golf wear or anything found at buckle

lingo: bro or anything found on frattinghard.com or broslikethissite.com

activities: drinking, smoking weed, dipping, playing COD or any EA sports games, longboarding, broing out (moinly consists of gaming and listening to bro music while dipping and drinking beer, being frat (meaning they are usually in a fraternity) partying, shacking

music: dave matthews band, O.A.R., Jack Johnson, Sublime, John Mayer, G. Love and Special Sauce, Bob Marley, basically anything chill, some rap usually wahtever is played on the radio, some heavy metal

hair: shaggy or spiked....NO BROS HAVE BLONDE TIPS

jewelry: mostly none, but watches are acceptable and sometimes earings as longs as they are not huge. small dimond studs are acceptable

**NOTE** bros do like metal but are NOT white trash. Bros do not wear white beaters unless its under a shirt, bros are not hoosiers.....hoosiers are hoosiers. if you have a hard time understanding this visit broslikethissite.com frattinghard.com or watch the video bro rap on youtube
"Today I was being a real bro, listening to DMB while playing nazi zombies and dipping."
by Edger Allen BRO November 22, 2009

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