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Called : the best rapper alive , Weezy f. Baby , Young Carter , Lil Weezy , Mr. Carter , Carter , birdman Jr.

Real name: Dwayne Michael Carter

A very famous rap artist that is considered by others and himself as hip hop and the person who keeps it alive. Born in New Orleans and is considered to be a blood but there is controversy over it since he wears different colors of rags.
Real Gangster: Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive and is the reason hip hop is still alive.

Wanabes: Jay Z and Kanye West is better than lil wayne is more cool.

Everyone else with a brain: Jay Z and Kanye are little girls and are not close to being as good as lil wayne.

Wanabes: Im gonna go cry to my mommy.
by Edgar Unltd June 19, 2009

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