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CPL-Capitol Park Locos-San Jose,Ca
One of the largest Norteno gangs in San Jose East Side
#norteno #drugs #guns #land #girls
by Eddie Anaya April 25, 2008
BML-Barrio Mas Locos- San Jose,Ca
VEH-Varrio East Hills- San Jose,Ca
BRS-Barrio Rio Seco- San Jose,Ca
WSM-West Side Mob-San Jose,Ca
CBG-Cold Blooded Gangsters- San Jose,Ca
VBW-Varrio Bloody Waters- San Jose,Ca
VSJ-Varrio San Jo- San Jose,Ca
V 12st-Varrio 12st- San Jose,Ca
VMA-Varrio Monte Alban-San Jose,Ca
SCL-Shark City Locos-San Jose,Ca
RPL-Roosevelt Park Locos-San Jose,Ca
MVP-Milpais Varrio Primida-Milpitas,Ca
Other San Jose,Ca Norteno gangs
#ene #xiv #norte #14 #drugs
by Eddie Anaya April 29, 2008
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