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4 definitions by Ed Vela

The dilemma faced when you can't decide which of your porn to delete to make space on your computer for some new stuff you are about to download that may or may not be better.
Jack: Dude, you seem pensive man, 'sup?

John: Complete pornlemma man, I started downloading some fetish porn and in the middle of it, I ran out of disk space. I can't decide which of my pornfolio to delete!

Jack: I thought you went off the gang bang stuff, delete those.

John: Nah dude, that was last week. That shit's still hot.
by Ed Vela December 19, 2007
One who is completely lacking technology knowledge.
Dude, can't you even send a text message? You are such a techietard!


I have never met anyone so techietarded, the keyboard has to be plugged into the PC for it to work, okay?!
by Ed Vela November 21, 2007
Noun : A sexually attractive girl or boy

Verb : To befriend or chat-up a girl or boy with the aim of sleeping with them. Same as "shark" or "sharking"

As a noun : GAWD, that schtote is hot. I have to get me some of that pu-tang!

As a verb : Chill guys, I just need to schtote that total babe. Are you guys up for some schtoting?
by Ed Vela November 02, 2007
An M-string (alternatively man-string) is a type of thong, a narrow piece of cloth, leather, or plastic that covers or holds the cock and balls, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to bands over the shoulders and just covering the nipples for discretion, worn as swimwear by Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character.
Checkout that Bujar in the m-string, that is just nasty.
by Ed Vela November 16, 2007