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A knot tied in a sandwich bag to hold marijuana, cocaine, or other small amounts of drugs. The person tying the knot places the drug in one of the bottom corners in the bag, rolls the rest of the bag into a thin line, and proceeds to tied a single knot into said bag. Known for its added security over a typical rolled and licked bag. The negative aspect of the nigger not is the difficulty to untie the bag. The nigger knot is stereotypically considered the preferred knot of African Americans, although the word 'nigger' does NOT imply racism, hatred, or inferiority. Some may consider the term offensive, so the speaker must therefore say it with caution.
Noun form: Big Ed and Ron always be sellin me shit with nigger knots in the bags.

Verb form: Man, why'd you nigger knot my dime like that?
by Easy B June 20, 2006

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