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4 definitions by Earl Brighton

yes and yeas. Most commonly written yeas! complete with the exclamation point
Hi, KT. How was your day?
by Earl Brighton December 11, 2003
a word to be written next to a snowman drawing
sunerment o0O
by Earl Brighton December 11, 2003
1. A really really ridiculously amazing word used when refering to something neat.
2. A word which pisses of Dango as he searches the Oxford Dictionary with no luck.

Similar words:
sweebusted: when it's rad that you're getting caught and punished.
sweebusdriver: an out-of-this-world bus driver
sweebustamove: an impressive dance move
1. Jacob: Hello, Kelsey. You're sweebus.
Kelsey: Thanks.

2. Jacob: Dango, quick, look up sweebus!
Dango: I'm not smart enough. Oxford is extensive. Let's go to Reno. It's just like in that tv show with the 9-1-1 stuff.
by Earl Brighton December 11, 2003
a nickname for heng ye, dave's roommate

abbreviated H-10
Yo H-10! I like to lock the rock n' corn so dance we fight fast.
by Earl Brighton December 11, 2003