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Most commonly known as the numbers for satan it is also the numbers you press to text the word 'mom'. So children. Watch out for your mothers. They're secretly satan. 666
44 666 = Hi mom

"666 is satan you idiot"
"No it's the numbers you press to get mom."
by EL SANCHEZZZ December 13, 2009
When somebody automatically hits the u key instead of the i key in "right" making it sound like a surfer person if you say out loud.
Great spelling there man...

by EL SANCHEZZZ April 18, 2010
Something or somebody that is so cool it pwns so much that it combines pwning with epic.
"Wow. I so just FCed a really hard song on Guitar Hero."

by EL SANCHEZZZ June 29, 2009
It's the word Resume but it's said slower so that instead of saying resume you're saying reh - zoo - may.
Yeah, that's what I said. Rehzoomay.
by EL SANCHEZZZ June 07, 2010
A black person ((non-racial)) who is a democrat.
"Man, Obama is black AND a democrat. I swear that's why he's president."

"Wait... so just because Obama is a blacrat he's president?"

by EL SANCHEZZZ October 13, 2009

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