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When a person, usually male, walks around carrying more swagger than their body is intended to hold. The most common form of this occurs in sports, when someone constantly surrounds themselves with great athletes and is basically along for the ride to a championship - causing them to believe they were the sole reason their team won.

No one knows why, but great athletes continue to accept the invitation to join his team. The offender of this misdemeanor crime can be easily spotted. His team will be winning, and he will be 5 times slower than the rest of the competition. He will also be the only person talking shit, despite being the worst player on the court/field/etc...

This would be equivalent to Luc Longley talking shit and walking with a limp because Jordan, Pippen, and company won him multiple championships.

This phrase originated in North Central Ohio... but has spread like a wildfire across the country due to the constant desire for losers to be seen as winners.
Andrew: "Is that guy really good? He's walking around like he owns this gym, but he looks like a tool"
Eric: "No, he's got a severe case of unwarranted swag. He was officially diagnosed last year, but is in denial."
by EBgames October 24, 2011
An amazingly awesome sex poistion which is similar to when two girl "scissor". The term "scissor" (in all forms) should be avoided during your sexual encounter, to avoid killing the mood. To truly appreciate Charlotte's Web, the couple should start in a rather boring position (preferably missionary style). This will heighten the anticipation, and give each person a true appreciation of what Charlotte's Web is all about.

Although it may seem inappropriate, at some point during the missionary position the female should say "You know what I want.. I want Charlotte's Web". This must be in a seductive tone, or all romance is lost and the situation turns comical. This is called the trigger phrase, and it signals each partner to assume the Charlotte's Web position.
The female lies on her back, tilting a little to one side - while the male should be totally on his side, interlocking legs. Once Charlotte's Web is established, it is necessary to ease into the thrusting motions. Allow each participant to become acclimated with the new position to really get a feel for what is going on. This is called the introductory period. Once you have passed this period, it's time to take a trip to pleasure town. To get the true effect, the female should arch her back, as if she is trying to unsnap her bra. (please note, the bra should already be removed at this point).

Few things in life are better than Charlotte's Web. Use at your own risk - not for amateurs.
"I understand that your grandma died today and you have just been diagnosed with terminal cancer - but you got to do Charlotte's Web last night... So I don't understand what you're so upset about??"
by EBgames October 24, 2011

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