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7 definitions by E81XvaMn12X1P829

Derived from verb: to Mock, to treat with contempt or ridicule.
A democracy that is only democratic on the outside but treats it's citizens like crap.
It doesn't matter who you vote for in the U.S of A(s if), or if you vote at all, you get the same shit stuffed down your throat anyway, this is a demockracy
by E81XvaMn12X1P829 February 17, 2011
The pathalogical condition of being unreasonably fearfull of fear itself
FDR at his First Inaugural Address might have said: "we only have to love fearophobia" but, ..
did not, he might not have said: "the only thing we have to fear is fear of fearopobia itself"
that would -of course- have been silly

instead he said: "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself"
by E81XvaMn12X1P829 January 29, 2011
Verb, to dumbinate.

The act of purposely acting dumber or more ignorant than the other person they are having a conversation/discussion with.
He did dumbinate the conversation though by stating WWII never happened and there never was a Holocaust.
by E81XvaMn12X1P829 June 07, 2011
No trolling allowed
This forum has a zero trollerance policy, any one caught trolling will be suspended/banned immediately
by E81XvaMn12X1P829 January 29, 2011
A troll who completely misses its mark resulting in no comments what soever
referring to a neutroll on a forum or message board is not advisable since it would satisfy the need for attention which it so desperately craves, granting it troll status
by E81XvaMn12X1P829 January 29, 2011
Making up ur own statistical results as u see fit

Results without any data to back them up
the makamathics of the "Drake equation" predicts that the possibility of other inteligent life elsewhere in the universe are between 1:1 and 1:infinity?

the makamathics of the presidential election results of Florida 2000 were unparalelled in U Ass history
by E81XvaMn12X1P829 January 29, 2011
The propaganda dicktators are constantly pushing onto their sheeple
Dick; C'mon Moron, do u still believe Osama Bin Laden didn't do it, u moron?

Moron; Yeah Dick, I do
Do u still believe that dicktatorshit Bush and Cheney are force feeding u, u dick?
by E81XvaMn12X1P829 January 28, 2011