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When suburb families over compensate for their fake Christmas tree by filling their front yard with over priced and gaudy Christmas decorations. Sufferers are often loathed by neighbors but seem to be very proud of themselves.
Vandals destroyed Christmas themed lawn decorations in a St. Louis suburb today. Estimates range from $900-$1050 from one address alone. Victim assumed to be over compensating for having a fake tree by filling their front yard with over priced, gaudy Christmas crap. A practice commonly known as Fake Tree Syndrome.
by Dwight Shrute December 14, 2006
When banging a MILF named Barbara you pull out of her ass and try to blow your load in her mouth and her son named preston walks in and catches you in the act and you lose your erection
So I was balls deep in prestons mom last night and I was just banging the shit out of her and doing work and right when I pulled out of her ass and was ready to give her a deposite in her mouth preston walks in and right away I get the invisible door.
by Dwight Shrute December 12, 2007

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