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2 definitions by Dueler96

A name that members of the African-American race use to call members of the Caucasian race in a reply to the slang term "Moon Cricket"
Caucasian to African-American1: Hey! Wassup Moon Cricket?

African-American1 to African-American2: Hey, what did that guy just call me?

African-American2 to African-American: I don't know. But lets call him a Snow Cricket 'cuz he's white.
by Dueler96 May 01, 2010
Taco Cricket is a racial slur, derived from Moon Cricket, for Latinos.
White Guy to Black Guy: Wassup Moon Cricket?
White Guy sees Latino, Thinks: "What can I call him? I got it!"
Whit Guy to Latino: Wassup Taco Cricket
by Dueler96 May 06, 2010