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One who makes insanely huge mistakes by doing the smallest of things. See jick click
Dude, how the Hell did you ruin my car by kicking a tire? You are such a Jick! Now go get the Goddamn out of the Jesus Christ
by Dude Mann III February 01, 2008
The only game in existence where one click can seriously screw with the playerbase. See jick click and walking on eggshells.
"What the-- Hagnk's just went fucked! Half my stuff is gone!" And that's when his head exploded. KoL can seriously screw with you.
by Dude Mann III February 01, 2008
The funny half of a geeky pair, the one that knows more about jokes, references, etc and less about mechanics and "boring technical crap"
Yeah, I dunno crap about how KoL works, I suppoose I must be a Mr. Skullhead.
by Dude Mann III February 01, 2008
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