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(n) 1. a band that used to be good but was taken over by middle schoolers, 9th grade girls, and fake-ass emo chicks.
2. a day where you smoke weed and drink booze; also called 420
1. Green Day is an example of, well, a Green Day band.
2. Stoner: Wow, look at me, I smoke weed, I'm cool, it's a green day.

Some dude: You mean, like the band.

Stoner: Uh, no...wait, what?

Some dude: Didn't you just mention the band Green Day?

Stoner: Oh, you mean the "I walk this empty street on the boulevard of cocks" guys.

Some dude: Yeah

Stoner: oh

(Stoner pulls out shotgun for no apparent reason and blows dude away, because thats always what happens at the end of these gay dialogue thingys)
by Dude Man guy April 21, 2005
(n) jock sniffer + gangsta
Someone, usually white, who hangs out with gangstas or blacks, thinking it will make them look cooler. Some white girls are also gangsta sniffers, and think for some reason it's cool to hang with and get fucked by gangstas. These girls sometimes dream of being background dancers in rap videos.
Derived from jock sniffer
Jenna is not only a ho, she is a gangsta sniffer. So is her lame-ass brother,Rob.
by Dude man guy April 19, 2005
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