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A painful bout of diarrhea, often caused by eating too much spicy food and foods high in fiber in the same day. It feels as if one is excreting acid and/or hot sauce and is extremely unpleasant, leaving an uncomfortable feeling for a short while afterwards.
John: "I had a brutal case of firea last night and it hurt to walk up the stairs."
Ikeo: "Maybe you shouldn't have gotten those three tacos for dinner with all that hot sauce on 'em."
#fire #ass #shit #diarrhea #crap #fire crap #dump #anal pain #hot sauce
by Dude John James February 27, 2008
A day in which a group of friends and/or acquaintances dress in suits for a regular occasion, such as going to lunch at fast food joints or going to school on a day that is not special at all.
Ikeo: "Tomorrow is suit day"
John: "Shit, my only suit is at the cleaners until Friday!"
Ikeo: "We'll reschedule."
#suit day #suit #day #costume #dress-up
by Dude John James February 06, 2008
Another word used to describe a police station. Because all the cops are from there, it can accurately be described as their house.
John: "Danny was driving way to fast around the roundabout in front of the cop house. I thought we were done for."
Ikeo: "Yeah, the cops in this town won't let that fly. I'm surprised he didn't get screwed."
#cop house #police #cop #police station #pigs #i smell bacon
by Dude John James February 06, 2008
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