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1 definition by Dred Scott

1. The intense feeling that everyone needs to do you a favor or owes you something because the white man enslaved your ancestors, producing a personality characterized either by speaking loudly about the tough time you had growing up or, as a result of overcompensation, the size of your penis.
2. An overwhelming obsession and belief that there are only three possible employment opportunities for you: 1. a rap star 2. a professional basketball player 3. a crack dealer
3. An overwhelming desire to disrespect women, live in a lavish home and drive a fancy car while your family starves.
Don't mind him, he's just looking for a free 40 acres and a mule whenever possible. He's got a black man complex.

There is no reaching that young man he has a black man complex. He thinks all there is to life is playing basketball and selling crack to his classmates.

Yo that hoe is fine I wanna tap dat ass in my bently & back at da crib in da jacuzzi while we pop cristal, nameen dog? What dat you say? I owe my baby momma child support and shouldn't live so lavishly? Fuck dat bitch and my baby too dey got food stamps.
by Dred Scott September 08, 2006
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