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General Jackoff

a derogatory remark and label on an individual

Def# 1 Some one of utter laziness apathy and/ or contempt on a large scale for anything or everything - such as work, the home, or school.

Def# 2 an asshole, some one who is utterly careless and or oblivious to another’s feelings in a difficult or painful situation.
Some one who puts there own well being and feelings way before someone else’s especially during a difficult situation.

Def #3 A pervert, peeping tom, or stalker. someone obsessed with voyeurism.
some one who pauses a video image to see in they could sneak a peek of a news broadcaster’s nipple, or goes to the mall to ogle women.

Def# 4 Some one obsessed excessively with sexual oriented media - pornography, nude photos, underwear adds on TV or news paper, ect.

Def#5 some one who masturbates to excess.
“ Hey General Jackoff ! are you ever going to do your work, or did you think you were getting paid to fuck off”?

“Good going General Jackoff, it wasn't bad enough that she got her heart broken, so you had to open your big mouth”!!!!

“Don’t sprain your wrist, General Jackoff” .
by Drain Bammage November 04, 2006

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