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Grief over the loss of something that only existed in dreams or fantasy.
Larkin awoke and felt the sudden pangs of dream grief. Not only had her husband left her for his manicurist, but her brownie nut fudge sundae vanished before she could take the first bite.

Greyland made a decent living but true riches eluded him. He watched his wealthy friends with envy, and his contentment in life was waylaid by dream grief.
by DrNeal December 02, 2009
person constantly tuned out from society due to their ever present earbuds.
"Happy Birthday son, you can blow out the cand...son, son, HEY BOY! Dang it, is he one of these budheads now?"
by DrNeal July 31, 2010
A medical condition suffered by an insured person that goes untreated because of the out of pocket cost of care.
Dude 1 " Hey, I hear your Dad's been in bed all week. What's he got?"

Dude 2 "High Deductible".

Dude 1 "Bummer dude. My brother had that. He cut his toe, lost his entire foot!"

Dude 2 "High Deductible sucks"!
by DrNeal June 14, 2010
The smallest shopping cart found at grocery stores.
"Hey, we're only here for milk, TP, and cat food. Grab a diet buggy."
by DrNeal January 28, 2009
Stands for "just made initials", when you are too lazy or uncreative to make up a word for something.
I didn't have time to tell him off properly, so I jmi'd.

If we are in agreeance that jmi is a lame entry, then are all the other jmi entries equally pitiful?
by DrNeal July 24, 2009
Proper recognition of someone's skills and talent; in music, athletics, or other discipline.
Dude that was awesome. Props to da chops, bro.
by DrNeal September 29, 2010
A person that constantly blesses your inbox with useless forwarded emails.
Ah, the forward fairies have come. My inbox is again full of junk!

A forward fairy has the bizarre notion that their missives are received with gratitude.
by DrNeal March 21, 2009
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