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The little bits of hair that fall out of a girl's bun, or those that originate on the back of her neck, and being too short to make it to the bun, simply waft in the breeze.

Also, wispy bits pick up the sun when the girl is backlit and slow motioned and blonde with the sweater knit and the heaving...

Famous wispy: Dr Schwing, Medicine Woman
There goes Dorothy...my, her wispy bits really float my boat!
by DrGroove January 23, 2007
(verb) to find another person with the same name has stolen the URL of your name or your blog
John Smith goes to set up a blog at (say) blogger.johnsmith.com to find (scandal!) that it's already in use by another &*&(*&! John Smith for HIS blog.

John Smith (#1) has been blogrobbed!
by DrGroove January 23, 2007
Subterfuge specifically relating to the act of swapping pillows with your partner to secure the good one(s). Without the drool stains and loose hairs etc.
I have a sore neck today. My pillows feel...different. I suspect foul play! I suspect.....Pillowtage.
by DrGroove February 14, 2011
A hungry person who really, really can't wait for the chicken soup to warm up
"couldn't you wait 3 minutes for me to reheat the can?"


"you're such a cocksucker"
by DrGroove January 21, 2007

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