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An individual who is new to the experience of a Nuru massage, which is a nude, heavily lubricated Japanese full body to body massage that employs a gel made out of seaweed.
Please go easy on me, I am a nuru newbie.
by Dr.Congo June 20, 2010
A spin-off of the classic bro-ism NGA, which is an acronym for "No Girls Allowed," NGFA is an acronym for "No GirlFriends Allowed."
"Hey Dr.C and D.G., let's meet up at the pond around 8PM. NGFA."
by Dr.Congo June 30, 2010
THFD is an acronym for the oft-used phrase "Too Hot for Daddy." It is used during a sexual encounter when something is too kinky, but recognizably hot, or simply when your partner is just too attractive for words.
She was standing in front of me half naked when I said 'thfd.' She asked me what it meant, then got dressed and left.
by Dr.Congo July 28, 2010
Slang term for a facial where "A facial (also facial cumshot or cum facial) is a term for the sexual activity in which one person ejaculates semen onto the face of one or more sexual partners."
She was begging for a facey.
by Dr.Congo June 16, 2010

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