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1.) Being cock blocked by a Bartender while you are attempting to get a number or go home with a hot chick at the bar.

2.) When you're macking on a really hot chick at a bar and then she goes home with the bartender instead of you.
1) Dude, I was spitting game on this tall blonde at Sports and I got the Louisville Bartender. She just talked to him the rest of the night. That guy was an asshole!

2) I was chatting up this girl and grabbed her ass. I went to the bathroom and when I came back she was gone, and so was the bartender. I totally got the Louisville Bartender.
by Dr. Whom October 05, 2011
1) A sexual position with a single partner where visual and auditory stimuli are temporarily deadened. At that point in time one is in a superposition where penetration is occurring in all orifices simultaneous. Upon the return of auditory and visual stimuli, the wave form collapses and only one orifice is being penetrated.

2) A Ménage à trois (Three-Way) with a temporary removal of audio an d visual stimuli. Requires penetration. Upon the removal of audio and visual stimuli one partner is simultaneously penetrating the two other partners until the return of the audio and visual stimuli. At that point, the wave form collapses and only one partner is chosen for penetration.
1) "I had the most amazing time last night. My girlfriend put earplugs on me then we started having sex. Right when I was about to finish she put a blind fold on me and I felt like I experienced Schrödinger's Three Way!"

2) "So the three of us were having sex last night. I covered my ears and turned of the lights. I was in the middle of a Schrödinger's Three Way!"
by Dr. Whom November 09, 2012

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