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1. The medical term for "shit head"

2. When one's head is so full of shit they become disoriented
"My patient has a serious case of fecal encephalopathy"

"I concur"
by Dr. Urich February 26, 2012
When a patient has severe chronic severe diseases affecting every organ system and is progressing despite maximum medical therapy to the point where the severity of the side-effects of their medical therapies are approaching that of their multiple medical comorbidities.
Q: Did you finish his HPI?

A: His chief complaint is End-Stage Life; hospice is seeing him first.
by Dr. Urich June 06, 2015
1. A crap so fierce malodorous that its roar odor can be heard smelled throughout the entire jungle house

2. The reining king of craps
Dude, do you have any spray? I'm about to unleash a Crapasaurus Rex in here.
by Dr. Urich June 06, 2015
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