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A muffin jamboree is a party or social event where the poon to penis ratio is in a majority favor towards the poon spectrum, in laymens terms the opposite of sausage fest
Billy: I felt real uncomfortable last night
Johny: Why bitch (as he puffs on his cigarette)
Billy: I showed up at this party last night and the cooch to cock ratio was way off balance in favor of the cooch
Johny: Bitch you was at a "muffin jamboree" now quit being a biotch and make me a sandwich!
by Dr. Thomas Jay August 25, 2005
The folds of skin located betwinx a womens legs, otherwise known as vaginal lips... usualy of abnormal proportions
"I jus wanna grab you by the muffin tuckets and OOGA BOOGA!"
by Dr. Thomas Jay August 16, 2005
a rock like boner lasting an unussualy long time, caused by smoking weed, more commonly known as a weed boner
Mary Magdelin was a whore, so they stonererd her
by Dr. Thomas Jay February 18, 2009

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