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A way of testing the competence and or greatness of an individual that usually involves traversing a gauntlet of tasks put forth by the proctor of the test. Failure to complete the Jungle Bar Test would normally result in a revoking of social privileges and or life. Completing the Jungle Bar Test will result in the fulfillment of your wildest dreams, and or the gaining of originally unobtainable street cred.
"bra i don't care what you say you did, only way to prove anything is to take the Jungle Bar Test. Then shit be testified ."
by Dr. Strange-Love January 27, 2012
the name of a kick-ass indivdual that wrestles bears in the morning and chokes mountian lions with his bear.......skin hands: An indivdual who lives in any kind of outdoor region with the most extreem of conditions.
(bret)"dude what happened to you"

(jack)"i camped out on top of mnt. everest"

(bret)"you look like crap"

(jack)"i know!"

(bret)"who the hell do you think you are? Ranger Brown??!!
by Dr. Strange-Love March 31, 2010
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