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2 definitions by Dr. Psychiatry

Urban Dictionary does not support endorsement of racial slurs and bashing of certain groups. You may have opinions, but no flaming.

Urban Dictionary does not permit defining people that are not celebrities, especially if it is flaming.

Urban Dictionary does not permit inside jokes. Common sarcasm is okay.
Urban Dictionary DON'Ts.

by Dr. Psychiatry April 12, 2007
QUOTE FROM OTHER DEFINITION: "I just thought I'd clear that up after all of these "definitions" in which I have encountered an unbelievable amount of people who try to pass off their blatantly false pretenses as fact, and are slowly infecting others with their high-horse, holier-than-thou bullshit. Because honestly, with your ridiculous definitions, Beethoven, George Gershwin, and Britney Spears are/was "emo bands." ~Chelsea

CLARIFICATION: Ok, first, Beethoven was a Romantic composer stupid. George Gershwin is 20th century. Britney Spears is pop. Get a fucking music dictionary. Emo is a musical genre developed in the 80's. You don't hear people running around yelling "I'm so metal" or "I'm so rock." Emo clothing style was derived from punk which was rising from Washington in the 80's.

The attitude of "Emo" was derived from the agonizingly depressing lyrics that plague all of todays musical genres (which is why I listen to classic rock). This term I have chosen (agonizingly depressing) is a double negative for those of you lacking linguistics skills. The definition of the emotional status of the allegedly emo person could also be defined as adolescence. The emo label exists mostly among teenagers when they're going through normal chemical changes in their body.

The existance of this in older people is called depression and needs to recieve immediate medical help. This condition is rising among adults due to genetic mutations with the body's ability to balance seratonin and melatonin as well as increased stress in today's culture. Other triggers are tragedy by means of deaths or abuse. Many times this is reversable.

People that get labeled as being emo, and truely are, usually don't want to be labeled that way and it upsets them because of their nature. People that WANT to be labeled as emo are called posers. They're trying to become something other than what really are. We'll save "poser" for another definition.

Essentially, the term "EMO" is non-existant. It is slang that has been developed to describe typical chemical conditions. The problem is, teenagers do not understand what is happening to their bodies and so they label each other as being socially inept.
1: You're so emo
2: Waahhhhhh! Nobody understands me!

Not emo
1: I'm so emo. I hate the world and nobody get's me.
2. ...poser

by Dr. Psychiatry April 12, 2007