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An african american "rap star" made famous by his many online videos of his original songs. Most famous is "Crank dat soulja boy".

A perfect example of modern Hip-hip/gangsta rap/R & B/ just plain rap. Soulja Boy does this by following the simple laws of Hip Hop:

1: Thou shalt covet golds
2: Thou shalt tap "bitches" and "Hoes"
3: Thou shalt loudly proclaim your accomplisments of the earlier phrased by use of repetitive auxilary percusion (found on playschool pianos) or RAP
4: Thou shalt use the money, or golds to purchase more bitches and hoes
5: Repeat the above untill shot or arrested.
Man, soulja boy is a hip-hop god.

No he ain't he's a poser. All he does is claim he lives in the "ghetto" and has it ruff.

You mean like all other hip hop "Artists".

Hellz no, now give me da golds. I like dem Golds. 'Specially dem teefs.

by Dr. Ebonics December 12, 2007

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