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This is a person who, through years of the practice of douchebaggery, has elevated himself to a state where douchebaggery has become instinctual, a first response, a way of life. This individual must be in some position of authority, such as a business owner or manager, but must have done nothing to earn said position, instead having been appointed to it (usually by another superdouche), or having acquired it through the practice of douchebaggery. Superdouches will often work in concert, as a superdouche will not want to promote or reward anyone who is not an utter douchebag because this person may expose the aforementioned as a superdouche, or otherwise interfere with his douchebaggery.
Employee: "Why did the owner promote that utter douchebag to a management position when he is the worst employee we have?"

Co Worker: "Because the owner is obviously a superdouche."
by Dr Walter Bellhaven February 16, 2012

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