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The organization that gets shoved with all the bitch work that the law shoves at the Air Force.

Originally made up of bat-fuck insane private pilots during WWII, who attacked U-Boats with Piper Cubs, CAP was made the Air Force Bitch Auxiliary, and banned from Combat in '47.

CAP now consists of:

1) Wannabee Cadets, who act tough and pretend to be "Rangers," but have never been deployed, and would cry to their mommies if they did.

2) Fat middle aged slobs who improperly wear the Air Force uniform, who get their kicks from yelling at 12 year olds.

3) Wannabee EMTs, who fail too hard to be real men and ride the ambulance.

4) Good Old Boy's club Pilots.

5) The occasional sane person, who doesn't talk about CAP much in the real world.

Even so, every CAP member needs to realize is that the only reason they get "missions" is because they are cheap. The Government always goes with the lowest bidder, and nothing is lower than people who will pay money to be able to do it.
Airman First Class: "Captain! The AFRCC called, they hear an ELT, and have an overdue IFR flight!"

Captain: "And they want us to interrupt OUR grill-out night! NEVER! Tell them to send the Civil Air Patrol out. Probably another drunk pilot."
by Dr Lolwut August 22, 2010

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