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a black dude that has an IQ above 70, is sober from narcotics and corner-store sauce, has no priors, does not have fifty cousins, does not milk welfare, abstains from beating his bitches over 5 bucks, and forms intelligible sentences by not omitting/adding/rearranging verbs such as "is" and "are", or making retarded substitutions with "be"
Example of non Quantum Honkey: "That nigga gonna die!!" or, "Bitch, what your name is?!" or, "He be trippin!"

Example of Quantum Honkey: "That nigga is gonna die!!", "Girl, what is your name if I may ask?", "He is tripping!"
by Dr Hotjointz April 26, 2006
One who advises on ass.
Woman: Terry, how does my ass look to you?

Terry the Ass Adviser: The upper cortex is under developed and lumpy. Also, the mid level curvature is lacking in hemispherical properties. Your inferior gluteus essentially drops into your hamstrings with absolutely no transition. My prognosis is that you have a typical white woman's ass.
by Dr Hotjointz May 08, 2009

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