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Male Reproductive Organ that inserts itself into the female reproductive organ the vagina and unleashes billions of sperms that are your future kids.
Hog, Donkey Kong, Cockster, Pedro, purple headed yogurt slinger, wang, wong wanger, dick, dong, ding-a-ling, crotch warrior, schlong, shaleley(irish), sausage, club, Long Dong Silver, King Dong, ding dong, eggplant, cucumber, master of the 'gina, fuck machine.
by Donnie Brosco March 28, 2005
Italians are those who live in Italy. Italian-Americans for the most part are nothing like Italians in Italy. Italians in America are referenced as "Guidos" and "Guinnies". Most Italian-American men wear too much gold and and spend too much time on slicking their hair. Italian boys spend too much time spiking their hair, putting on cologne, and tanning. They also spend too much time on trying to sound tough and "Mafia" like. Italian girls are either tan or go tanning. They are very beautiful girls but can have serious attitudes. Great cooks. For the most part, Italian Americans are dispicable. I love real Italians from Italy. If you are 100 percent Italian and live in America and a male, your chances of being a douchebag are high.
Gel is usually Olive Oil.
Eat too much.
Swear too much.
Try and make fun of other ethnicities to try and make themselves feel better.
Think they have larger dicks when it is scientificly proven it does not matter your ethnicity is, you have a dick the siz it is because that's the way it is.
by Donnie Brosco March 28, 2005
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