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A school where one can find, in it's natural habitat, the elusive (and exclusive) Sluttus Lacostus (or mastercard whore). This species is characterized by it's astonishing lack of clothing, often exposing its buttox. When in mating season, the Sluttus Lacostus often develops a perplexing form of anorexia, often accompanied by even more shedding of clothing. One can sometimes lure the Sluttus Lacostus by standing perfectly still, covered in $100 bills and a "new hummer" scent. But novice travelers beware! Although the Sluttus Lacostus may look pretty and sweet, it will stop at no lengths to step all over you.
Yeah, I went over to Harvard-Westlake last week to pick up some fine booty, but I woke up two weeks later, in an alley, covered in blonde hairs, with "LV" sliced into my chest.
by Djarum Lite November 14, 2004
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