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A dance used by ravers. Think of it as doing the step master on the floor while bouncing side to side. All the while using photons or Glowstick to make patterns in the air.
The bass on that song is great to Candy Stomp to.
by Dj Furby August 22, 2007
Term coined from the Soulja Boi song where he expresses "Superman that ho..." which is yet to be explained what that means.. to aquaman that ho is to drown a bitch for either talking to much, for just being plain out bitchy or she's just being a ho..

Usually followed by the sentence... "Drown her"
Kenny- "Man, that bitch be talking too much shit..."
Eric- "you gotta aquaman that ho..."
Alex- "drown her!"
by Dj Furby November 26, 2007
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