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The act of hooking up with a girl whom your friend was trying to hook up with himself.
Doug: I thought that Ukranian girl last night was feeling me
Jared: Sorry bro, i ended up performing a robbery after you passed out
by Dickpants McDaniels May 10, 2010
Getting masturbated manually while driving a motor vehicle
Laura: Didn't you see that car just pull out in front of you
Trevor: No, I wasn't paying attention, you were carjacking me at the time
by Dickpants McDaniels May 11, 2010
The act of hooking up with a girl after cockblocking your friend while the female is already engaged in a prior relationship.
Megan has a boyfriend, but my friend tried to hook up with her. Not only did I hook up with her, but found out later she was married. I definitely performed a grand theft.
by Dickpants McDaniels May 11, 2010

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