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Jeans and/or shorts (any bottoms, really) so tight they force the balls to split/go in opposite directions, so that it looks like you have two pockets full of change.
1. If John Stockton's shorts were any shorter, or any tigther, they'd be considered nut cutters.
2. Remember dat host-dude who wore neon shorts on Wild & Crazy Kids? Dem were some nut cutters, fo' real! It looked like he had about $20 worth of change in dem pockets!
by Dezden September 07, 2005
Nearly synonymous with the word crazy. The meaning is slightly different, though.
Johan is a cezy boy!
by Dezden June 25, 2006
short for sandwich
also spelled as sangie
I just had the best ham sangy ever!

My mom packed me another crappy balogna sangy for lunch. :(
by Dezden May 06, 2005
short for sandwich
I'm going to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sangie for lunch.

There are some sangies in the picnic basket.
by Dezden April 15, 2005
to laugh after a joke (for example) is told. possibly due to the fact that the joke or laugh when it was told or happened, but to look back and laugh at (and understand) it later.
"Google it. That'll be a great later laugh." -Sarah Silverman, 2007 MTV Movie Awards
by Dezden June 03, 2007
-Created by Dezden
1. a funny nickname
2. a vocal filler
3. used in place of anyword you can't think of
4. randomly used just for fun
- Anyone can say the word "deetie" just about anytime they want. There isn't a set definition. It is generally defined in the context it's used in.
- Deetie is also known as a feminie products brand.
1. "What's up, deetie?"
2. Deetie.
3. We were just deetie-ing around.
3. I was walking around, and I saw this deetie laying there.
4. Deetie!!!
by Dezden March 31, 2005
short for episode, specifically a episode of a television show
Do you want to come over and watch the new eppy of American Idol?

Shit! I can't believe I missed the premiere eppy of All That!
by Dezden April 18, 2005

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