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An exclamation used in order to stop someone from turning a statement into a sexual innuendo; mainly used to prevent the use of the 'That's what she said' phrase.

Has since developed into a sort of game by British university students, in which whoever happens to say an accidental innuendo has to protect themself with 'Bantage!' before a friend can say 'That's what she said!'
Jadeness: 'Man, I'm so tired. The guys in my flat kept me up all night...'
Lexie: 'That's what-'
Jadeness: 'Bantage.'
Lexie: 'Dammit! Beat me.'
Bynski: 'Haha, gotta be faster next time Lex.'
by Dexanari November 03, 2007
Pronounced pon-ghee.
A rarely-used British slang term for a cat.
'Aww, nice pongy...'

'Murray is the bestest pongy in the whole wide world and Margate.'
by Dexanari June 06, 2007

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