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1 definition by Devin Olson

\air-uh-GON; air-A-gawn\, verb.
# Reproducing or recreating in a new medium a known, loved, or respected piece of work in an unflattering or shoddy manner.

# Wasting of talent, resources, money, or time.

# To make a gross or stupid mistake, esp. through carelessness or mental confusion.

# To reduce to ruin, devastate, destroy, injure irretrievably, shatter, or lay waste to (a thing).

"Did you hear that Ice Capades is going to eragon On the Waterfront?"

"Hiring Jack Nicholson to do OSHA films sounds fun, but it would eragon both his time and our budget."

"I hope Britney doesn't eragon again and forget to put on underpants."

"Michael Richards may very well have eragoned his career."
by Devin Olson December 08, 2008