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Avon Park is a small town noted mostly for its drug dealing around Delany St. It also is above the U.S. crime rate average. It can be very Violent in this area if not familiar with the territory. It rivals near-by city Sebring. By simply wearing the color red in a Sebring infested area could be quickest way to get badly injuried or possibly life threatning injuries. Children as young as 15 have been known to get a hold of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Weapons such as AK-47's and choppers have been the weapons of choice in the area.Can be visitor friendly in areas such as Avon Park Lakes, but be aware because in every area of Avon Park theft is the leading problem. Along with armed robbery and all the other different types of theft that plague the state of Florida. Avon Park is Known as one of the real hoods in Florida. Although jus from site it merely looks like a poor town with little going on its an entire different story then what it seems. Also noted for its King Pins that made headlines,and use to run the area. Ones such as Frazier aka Booney comes to mind when you think of a person who everyone knew ran things in "da Park".
Whats da realest goon town in Central Flawda...Avon Park.
Name a town where da people just dont give a damn...Da Park
by Detective Hill Tilman September 17, 2007

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