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Page three girl with huge breasts and a fine ass!!! Induces an erection no matter what.
Kevin: Look it's a picture of Lucy Pinder
Dave: Holy shit....boiiing!
by derwent October 06, 2007
A Penis that is less than 4 inches erect and no more than 2 when soft. Guys who have a small penis are likely to be mocked by their peers and struggle to get laid no matter what their sexuality.
Emma: Me and Daniel had sex last night
Orla: Was it good?
Emma? No he was bragging about the size of his penis all through the date but when he took down his pants it was such a small penis, I giggled.
Orla: How big was it?
Emma: A complete pinner about 3 inches erect, he put it in my pussy and I couldn't feel anything. Though he came really quick so I didn't have to fake orgasm to long.
by Derwent October 12, 2007
A hot actress with huge breasts. Blond hair and one of the finest asses around!!! Born in the UK and sexy as hell!!
Sam: Jennifer Ellison is so hot....
Elijah: I'd love to get it on with her.....
by derwent October 06, 2007
To have a really small penis, on par with the one of a new born infant.
"Drew was hung like a light switch, I rejected him faster than he would have blown his load"
by Derwent October 30, 2007
To have a very small penis. Guys who are "hung like an ant" will usually be very embarassed about their little dick. Girls will mock it for being pathetic.
Simon: Lets have sex
Lizzie: Not tonight Honey
Simon: We haven't had sex in weeks.
Lizzie: Thats because I'am tired, and lets face it your hung like an ant. I have never had a real orgasim with you.
Simon: Damn......
by Derwent October 30, 2007
When a man with an unusually small penis lies and says he's hung in a club or social venue, thus getting laid by numerous chicks who thought he had a 7 inch dick when in reality it was a measly 3.
Matt: Carl got caught baby dicking at a club last night

Nigel: Yeah he screwed 4 hot and highly unsatisfied chicks.

Matt: Yeah but one went back and told everyone about his little pecker and now they laugh and mock him.

Nigel: Amen.
by Derwent July 26, 2008
Irish director who made Behind Enemy Lines and The Omen remake.
Ken: John Moore has made some kick ass movies....The Omen, Behind Enemy Lines...
Steve: But what the hell happened with Flight Of The Phoenix!!!
by derwent October 06, 2007
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