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One of four high schools in the LRHSD. Like most high schools, 98% of the school is stoned/drunk off its ass all the time. Shawnee is filled with plenty of douchebags who think they're badass because they drink keystone and whores who all have chlamydia and are proud of it. Kids get in fights all the time about who smokes more weed or who's parents make more money. The teahcers aren't all bad, it's pretty much 50/50. Some are cool and act like normal people while some are neo-nazis. The worst part about the school is the administration and the rules they impose on the school. For example, if you come in after homeroom during 1st period you get marked absent.
Typical Shawnee kid: "Dude bro, I drive a BMW 5 series, I wear Bob Marley shirts, I smoke weed, I fuck bitches, I'm so badass".

Typical Shawnee Whore: "ZOMG, I'm gonna go tailgate at MAC MILLER!?#$%^! Hopefully I don't pass out and get raped by a 28 year old".

Typical member of the shawnee high school administration: "Work will set you free".
by Derek Silk January 21, 2012

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