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A 'schoolie' is a female under the legal sex age, for obvious reasons the girl has to be in education. Although not every underager is a schoolie , e.g. fat birds are not schoolies; fat, munting birds are not schoolies either; unattractive girls are also not applicable.

NOTE: A schoolie candidate can only be verified if 3 or more males over the legal sex age agree she is worthy, otherwise she is just a random bint.
Grant: "Munk shagged Julie the Schoolie last weekend,"

Dennis: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 24, 2009
"Boomf" is a word used to express excitement when one achieves, or to praise another's achievement. "Boomf" is only effective when shouted loudly.
Dennis: "Totally banged Fiona last night, it was like, BOOMF!"

Kyle: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 17, 2009
When a employer deliberately hires a person just to have sex with them, then fires them.
"Yo, what happened to Fiona?"
"Oh, Dennis totally shag-sacked her,"
by Dennis McInally January 26, 2009
An "add shag" is when you deliberately add a member of the opposite sex (or same sex, if you're into that...) on a social-networking site so you can try to mate with them.
Kyle: "Hey man, who's that?"
Dennis: "It's some bint i met on bebo called Fiona, i'm gonna do the old add shag routine on her,"
Kyle: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 23, 2009
There are various ways to explain the term 'wee laddie', if you:

*spew/fall asleep when intoxicated
*don't get into cav
*get spat on
*get pissed on
*are a virgin
*are failing in life
*are literally small in height
*are a victim of abuse
*haven't pulled Corrie/pumped Fiona,

then you are a 'wee laddie'.
Dennis: "Hear about Walesy getting spat on?"

Kyle: "Yeah man, that is wee laddie,"

Rennie: "Lol,"
by Dennis McInally February 24, 2009
Wee hairy is a similar definition to Schoolie, the only difference is the girl is has to be under the age of 10. Wee hairies are often seen wearing "wee shoes".
Rennie: "Hey man, look at the wee hairy!"

Dennis: "Aw, she's even got the wee shoes!"
by Dennis McInally March 02, 2009
"Reet" is a slang alternative to "Alright", used as a greeting from one friend to another. Majority of "reet" users are scenesters, but there are always exceptions.
Rennie: "Reet,"
Dennis: "Reet,"
by Dennis McInally February 17, 2009

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