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8 definitions by Dennis McInally

When a employer deliberately hires a person just to have sex with them, then fires them.
"Yo, what happened to Fiona?"
"Oh, Dennis totally shag-sacked her,"
by Dennis McInally January 26, 2009
"Boomf" is a word used to express excitement when one achieves, or to praise another's achievement. "Boomf" is only effective when shouted loudly.
Dennis: "Totally banged Fiona last night, it was like, BOOMF!"

Kyle: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 17, 2009
A 'schoolie' is a female under the legal sex age, for obvious reasons the girl has to be in education. Although not every underager is a schoolie , e.g. fat birds are not schoolies; fat, munting birds are not schoolies either; unattractive girls are also not applicable.

NOTE: A schoolie candidate can only be verified if 3 or more males over the legal sex age agree she is worthy, otherwise she is just a random bint.
Grant: "Munk shagged Julie the Schoolie last weekend,"

Dennis: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 24, 2009
An "add shag" is when you deliberately add a member of the opposite sex (or same sex, if you're into that...) on a social-networking site so you can try to mate with them.
Kyle: "Hey man, who's that?"
Dennis: "It's some bint i met on bebo called Fiona, i'm gonna do the old add shag routine on her,"
Kyle: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 23, 2009
There are various ways to explain the term 'wee laddie', if you:

*spew/fall asleep when intoxicated
*don't get into cav
*get spat on
*get pissed on
*are a virgin
*are failing in life
*are literally small in height
*are a victim of abuse
*haven't pulled Corrie/pumped Fiona,

then you are a 'wee laddie'.
Dennis: "Hear about Walesy getting spat on?"

Kyle: "Yeah man, that is wee laddie,"

Rennie: "Lol,"
by Dennis McInally February 24, 2009
Wee hairy is a similar definition to Schoolie, the only difference is the girl is has to be under the age of 10. Wee hairies are often seen wearing "wee shoes".
Rennie: "Hey man, look at the wee hairy!"

Dennis: "Aw, she's even got the wee shoes!"
by Dennis McInally March 02, 2009
After waking up from a night out, you find yourself in a stranger's house completely naked, apart from one sock. This sock can be used to save any embarrassment, e.g. small cock, pierced balls you don't want her Mother to see, while acting like a coverall to help you on your search for your clothes.

NOTE: Depending on 'morning wood' status, balls can also be cupped in the cock sock.
Kyle: "Hey man, where did you go after cav?"

Dennis: "Back to some bints flat, woke up in the morning starking and all I could see was a nappy or my sock, so I did the old 'cock sock', found my shit then climbed out the window,"
by Dennis McInally February 24, 2009