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E-Fishing Disease also known as (EFD) consists of a high urge to go fishing while browsing the internet. The symptoms generally start upon looking at other peoples fishing photos. Some of the side effects are enhanced expectations (I.E. you think you can catch the same size fish as other peole), which usually leads you to spend a lot of money and fail anyways. E-Fishing Disease infects 1 in 5 males in America and 1 in 25 females.
Dude 1 - Dude what the **** did you see the size of that catfish?

Dude 2 - Yeah, its not that hard all you need is a river, some bait and about 8 hours of time

*1 week later*

Dude 1 - WTF we caught nothing

Dude 2 - MOTHERFU**ing E-Fishing Disease!
by Defffffffffffffffffffftik April 06, 2010
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