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Princess Toshi of Japan. The rightful heir to the Japanese throne, no matter what those elder conservative fucks say!!
Princess Aiko should be the next queen of Japan
"But she's not a boy!"
"No one gives a shit anymore!"
by DeRosset Myers May 31, 2006

1. To a great degree.
If something is ass-fuckingly good, you might be willing to fuck someone's ass to get it or get more of it.

Some things are worth fucking someone in the ass for.

Wow! This video game is ass-fuckingly awesome!!
by DeRosset Myers July 31, 2006
An driver who is constantly persecuted by white Americans because they're jealous of her higher academic grades.
If you get into an accident involving an Asian Driver, the chances are it's your fault.
by DeRosset Myers May 31, 2006

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