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Possible Cause For Microwave Sex Could Be Premature Ejaculation. AKAGetting A Quickie From A Two Hump Chump.
Gina: I Heard Lucy Broke Up With Jeff.

Beth: Why Did She Do That?

Gina: I Heard It Was Because Jeff Was Into Microwave Sex

Beth: That Sounds Kinky

Gina: Not Really. What Everyone Else Does In 30 Minutes, Jeff Does In 30 Seconds.
by DeGringo October 01, 2009
Refers To The Wooly Mammoth From Sesame Street. Visualize An Elephant Using His "Long Trunk" To Suck Up All Your Dope.

AKA, Moocher,Freeloader,Glutton.
"Hell Naw, You Better Not Even Ask Me Fer Shit With Your Snuffilufigus Ass!
by DeGringo October 01, 2009

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