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A house that has obviously been bought, renovated, and is now being flipped. The obvious sign of a flip house is the myriad architectural elements that have been tacked on to give it character. An example: A 1950's brick ranch house. It will have a non-matching addition added onto the back. It will be painted "buff" or other neutral color to appeal to yuppies. They will tack on some cedar-shake siding so it has a Cape Cod look, and then some copper flashing so it has some Loire Valley feel, then some river-stone stonework around the foundation for that New England country feel, a couple of bogus columns that supposedly support the front stoop for that Old South look, and for the finale, a redwood pergola placed on the front of the house for that Pacific Northwest feel. Very, very tacky...and soooo very obvious.
Muffy: Oh Skip, what a charming neighborhood. All this old-time charm. I just love this cute, authentic mill village. How artsy!

Skip: Oh Muffy, you're so right! These quaint old neighborhoods are so rare nowadays. I love it!

Muffy: Oh no, Skip. What is that God-awful monstrosity??? Did it fall to earth from some other planet? It's twice the size of these other houses and it's taking up the whole damn yard. Gross. It's ruining the neighborhood.

Skip: Yeah...it's totally flippery. Let's go buy a condo instead.
by David L. "Poon" Brown July 22, 2008

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